Etiquette Tips Performed by Top Childcare Providers

Etiquette is instrumental to the success of a top childcare provider. Bell Family Company (BFC) is sharing etiquette tips that will help childcare providers, families and the childcare agency maintain the best partnership possible.

Tip 1: Replying to Emails, Texts and Phone Conversation

Reply to emails and texts within 24 hours while you are looking for a job. People are working very hard on your behalf. If you are quick to get back to the childcare agency, it shows you are VERY interested. If you ignore them when asked a question, but then apply to a different job in the future, that gives them pause to recommend you to another family. 

Review this guide from Indeed that talks more about the 24-hour reply guidance and how to reply better to emails.

If you can no longer do a job or are no longer interested in a job, communicate that to the agency. It is polite to finish out an interview, trial, babysitting appt, etc., and then if it did not go well, communicate that to the agency.

Tip 2: Answering Screening Questions

It is VERY important that you answer screening questions with total honesty within 24 hours. Please do not answer one way and then ask for something different once you get an interview. Asking for different things in an interview makes everyone look unprofessional, as if the agency did not speak to you. If you are confused about a question, ASK before you meet with the family. Agencies are here to help you get your DREAM nanny job! 

Tip 3: Committing to the Jobs You Apply For

Only apply to jobs where you can commit the entire time! If you are not able to do the entire duration of the job, COMMUNICATE that to us upfront. Sometimes families will be flexible for the right candidate. In your reply, simply tell us what start/end date you can do.

DO NOT take a job with plans to quit early. We do not submit candidates for further nanny work who drop out of jobs they should not have taken in the first place.

Tip 4: Always Have Open Communication

When you apply to a nanny job and we connect you for an interview or trial to the family, we have done a lot of work telling the family how great you are. Represent yourself and BFC well by having open communication!

What that means is be yourself, be transparent (but don’t over share about topics that are personal) and make sure you arrive on time, have the correct address and do your homework before you meet the family (read the job conditions carefully). 

If for some reason, you no longer want to interview or do not want to proceed with the family, email us and let us know. Candidates who do not communicate to the family or us do not get the job.

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