Training Thursday Vol. 8 – Good Manners

Welcome to volume eight of Bell Family’s video training series, where each Thursday we release a video to help coach sitters on an array of childcare topics. This week we are featuring a training video on good manners.

As we all gear up for summer, here are some fast good manners to keep fresh in your mind.

  1. Text or e-mail the family once you get a confirmation e-mail. Families love that you go the extra step to make them feel comfortable and ensure that you’ll be there.
  2. Google map the address beforehand, so that you are on-time! Nothing is worst than being late to an appointment. If you are running late due to transportation issues, make sure you notify the family via e-mail or text, so they have a heads up.
  3. When you enter the family’s home; take off your shoes (if that is a house rule), wash your hands and shake the parent’s hand to introduce yourself (if it is your first appointment with them).
  4. DO NOT be on your mobile device. We can’t stress this enough based on parent feedback. The sitter should not be on their phone, unless to contact the parent. That also means do not take videos, photos, or post on social media about the kids and/or family.  If the children are asleep and you have downtime, it is fine to be on your mobile device. Make sure you use your own data, unless the family offers their wifi.
  5. Clean up after the children and yourself; put dishes in the dishwasher, clean up toys (get the kids to help).
  6. Stay organized. Make sure you check your BFC calendar and know about all upcoming jobs. If you are unsure, e-mail us and we’ll help!

Read here for Parent’s Magazine ‘25 Manners Kids Should Know’. You are their teacher, and children learn from example. Be a great example for the kids!

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