All Aboard: Baby’s First Flight

Any new parent dreads the baby’s first flight. Paranoia sets in about the baby’s ears popping, or a flight full of meltdowns where everyone around you is starring and shaking their heads. And don’t forget INFANT MUST-HAVES WHEN TRAVELING and carting everything onto the plane. Gosh, what a drag, as well as pain on your back!

For our baby’s first flight to Charleston we packed minimally; I followed the list of infant must-haves only forgetting one thing – my must have nasal defuser.

We woke at 5 a.m., packed the remaining items and were out the door by 6. During the car ride there, junior slept and remained calm… phew! We arrived to T5 at JFK and found a comfy place to eat, and me to nurse. Junior is now fed and changed after finding a family bathroom with changing table.

We experienced our first pre-boarding perk and junior is happy, with special thanks to his paci. We haven’t experienced any stares yet – this is good! We get comfy, and I begin to nurse again. Take off is calm, as I keep him nursing until we get above the clouds.

Junior falls asleep for the remainder of the flight on my lap wrapped in a comfy blanket and using my sweatshirt as a pillow.

The ride back home was similar, except for his landing blowout. Junior didn’t cry, but I did. He went through his diaper, onesie, blanket, and onto my white pants! It made me feel better as we deplanned and someone told me, “I didn’t know a baby was on the flight. He was so quiet!”

A few tips I followed to get junior through the flight:

1. Remain calm
2. Carry-on minimal, I know better easier said then done, but it’s less you’ll have to carry
3. Bring extra light blankets, it gets chilly
4. Change baby before you board
5. Use your 5 S’s, especially sucking with the paci

For more extensive info on traveling with a baby, visit Delicious Baby – they provide a thorough list!

Good luck!

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Written by our Founder & CEO, Lindsay Bell!