What Is a Birth Plan?

Greetings, all!

As I get closer to delivery, only three more weeks, my husband and I were advised by my OB to review a series of questions and what if scenarios. I found a detailed check list on The Bump to use as a template. But you have to keep in mind; plans don’t always go the way you envision. So play out a few different scenarios so you are not surprised or caught off guard!

Here are some interesting things they brought up that I didn’t really think about…

1. Do you want the lights bright or dimmed?

2. Do you want interns present from the birth?

3. How do you prefer to spend your first stage of labor? In a bath tub? Walking around? With music or in silence?

4. During delivery how do you want to be positioned? Stand, squat, lie in side, lean on partner…?

And here are some really important questions to ask…

1. Would you like labor augmentation? Do you even know what that is?

2. What kind of pain relief do you want to use? There are a lot of options.

3.  What level of fetal monitoring do you want?

4. After delivery what do you prefer? What do you want to do with the umbilical cord and placenta?

5. What if you have to have a c-section. Know your options. Read about recovery. You have decisions here too; want your partner there, want to see the baby come out via mirror?

Print out your plan and keep it in your hospital bag, it’ll just be a source of comfort!


Written by our Founder and CEO,  Lindsay Bell!