Get to Know Stripe: Your Secure Payment Gateway

With the launch of our new secure payment gateway, Stripe, we are answering commonly asked questions to help make the transition as easy as possible.

Q: When is the Stripe payment system launching on BFC’s site?
A: It was launched Monday, February 26, 2024 at approximately 1:00pm EST. All sitter appointment checkouts will be processed through Stripe’s platform going forward.

Q: When were families first notified about the change from PayPal to Stripe?
A: BFC sent a newsletter to families which can be read here on February 2, 2024. 

Q: Will I receive any further PayPal invoices after 2/26/24 at 11:00am EST? 
A: No. Invoices will no longer be sent to any families for any checkouts after 11:00am EST 2/26/24. Every family will need to click on the PROCESS CHECKOUT link on their calendar page or via link in the ‘sitter checkout’ email going forward to pay.

Q: What if I have a PayPal invoice outstanding, do I still pay that?
A: Yes! If you received a PayPal invoice that means it was issued prior to the Stripe launch and the family needs to pay that. You also have the option to pay through your calendar page.

Q: What if my sitter checks out wrong?
A: For wrong checkouts, simply email us with the correct details. We will verify with your sitter and get it updated as quickly as possible. 

Q: Will the CHECKOUT link in each sitter checkout auto email work for all families? 
A: Yes! Once each family receives the ‘sitter checkout’ email from us they simply need to click on PROCESS CHECKOUT and it will take the family to Stripe’s payment page. The family will enter their name and credit card details, review and click submit. This process should take 1 minute. 

Q: Do I have to enter my credit card details for every checkout after my first?
A: No. For your second payment on Stripe and all payments going forward, your default payment method will populate to pay. This process should take under :30 seconds.

Q: What payment methods are accepted to use?
A: Currently we only support credit card payment, but we are working on offering additional payment methods (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.) in the future. 

Q: Will anything change when I need to cancel an appointment? 
A: Same process as always, just a different payment platform. You’ll log into your BFC profile, find the appointment you need to cancel, click CANCEL and submit payment. 

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