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Babiators – Sunglasses for Kids Review

My son is super sensitive to light. It bothers him instantly like it bothers me. I tried a few different hats, which are okay, but I wanted to use both a hat and shades.

My lil’ guy is 3 months old, so I needed something durable, small enough for his tiny face, and something to keep his eyes safe from UV damage.

One of my friends recommended Babiators, which are soft, flexible, and virtually indestructible. So kids can bend them, twist them, drop them and they stay in tact!

I bought him the most simple pair (Blue Angels) in my husbands favorite color, blue. You can get them for $20, plus get a discount if you sign up for their newsletter!

Shop Babiators.com and receive a 25% off discount with code BELL25 – live now thru August 1!

Written by our Founder & CEO, Lindsay Bell!

The Baby Box Company – Review

When I first received The Baby Box Company product soon after my son was born, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The idea of putting my son in a box seemed unusual, but both the contents of what came in the box, as well as his time spent in the cozy box itself were wonderful as can be.

Inspired by packages sent by the Finnish government, to new mothers, Baby Boxes typically come stocked with clothes, blankets, newborn necessities, and of course the box itself for newborns to snuggle up in through the age of eight months. Though, I had stocked up on similar items before my son was born, I can honestly say that I could have survived with the Baby Box and its contents alone for plenty of time. With all of the products and advertisements out there today it can feel confusing to a first-time mom to figure out what to buy for your little one to meet all of their needs. But with the purchase of a Baby Box the work is done for you, and that is why I love it so much.

Finland is ranked as one of the best countries in the world for mothers to live and now it’s beginning to make a bit more sense…


Written by our Founder & CEO, Lindsay Bell!

Up~Chuckies (feat. Elegant Personalized Blankets) Review

For the longest time I couldn’t decide what type of burp cloth worked best for my son and I. I have every possible kind (as I’m sure all first time moms do) small/medium/large, thick/thin, firm/soft, bib style, etc.

It may depend on my mood that day to decide which one to chose, but I find myself mostly going for the Up~Chuckies burp cloth with my son’s name monogrammed by Elegant Personalized Blankets. At first, this was not my first choice because I was not opting-in for large and firm, and I was spending so much time at home that it didn’t matter the look. Then I realized that using a light and small burp cloth was not absorbent enough and barely lasted through one feeding without being soaked. I can have the more durable option around all day and beyond.

We have been doing some traveling and attending some special occasions. I much rather have a fashionable and presentable burp cloth when around others at these events. I feel a little less disruptive, and it serves as a nice accessory for an otherwise gross purpose.

The monogrammed name is classy, a nice keep sake, and it makes me feel more put together when feeding or burping. Plus, the coverage is better – it covers me and the baby from leaks.

Special thanks to Elegant Personalized Blankets for providing me with a great gift as a new mom!


Written by our Founder & CEO, and new mom, Lindsay Bell!