Up~Chuckies (feat. Elegant Personalized Blankets) Review

For the longest time I couldn’t decide what type of burp cloth worked best for my son and I. I have every possible kind (as I’m sure all first time moms do) small/medium/large, thick/thin, firm/soft, bib style, etc.

It may depend on my mood that day to decide which one to chose, but I find myself mostly going for the Up~Chuckies burp cloth with my son’s name monogrammed by Elegant Personalized Blankets. At first, this was not my first choice because I was not opting-in for large and firm, and I was spending so much time at home that it didn’t matter the look. Then I realized that using a light and small burp cloth was not absorbent enough and barely lasted through one feeding without being soaked. I can have the more durable option around all day and beyond.

We have been doing some traveling and attending some special occasions. I much rather have a fashionable and presentable burp cloth when around others at these events. I feel a little less disruptive, and it serves as a nice accessory for an otherwise gross purpose.

The monogrammed name is classy, a nice keep sake, and it makes me feel more put together when feeding or burping. Plus, the coverage is better – it covers me and the baby from leaks.

Special thanks to Elegant Personalized Blankets for providing me with a great gift as a new mom!


Written by our Founder & CEO, and new mom, Lindsay Bell!