Safe Food Chart for Expecting Moms

Greetings, all!

I was sitting at a group dinner a few weeks back with majority men, when the waitress came over to take my order. Shoot, I couldn’t remember if Swordfish was on the do not eat list and I didn’t have my “do not eat checklist” in my bag! One of the reasons why I tried to memorize that thing, but nonetheless, I went ahead and ordered it. My other option was red meat, which I already had once that week.

When I got home I ran to my list, and there it was listed on the AVOID list. Way to go, Lindsay.

This is one thing I am trying not to get too narcotic about; my NYC expecting friends pay much closer attention to this AVOID list, than my mom-to-be friends back in Ohio. I was getting ready for a wedding, which I was a bridesmaid (along with two other expecting moms), when it was finally lunchtime. Time to feast! The bride had a very nice deli spread delivered. The expecting Ohio gals dove in. I asked them if it was okay to eat deli meat – they said yes, in moderation – once per week as instructed by their doctor. Whereas my doctor in NYC said pass. I was starving, so I decided to join them.

Everyone seems to say something different. It’s hard to keep track. I agree, moderation is probably the best rule to follow, except when it comes to certain things like alcohol, raw fish, etc.

My sister’s husband is in the medical field and he suggested this link to follow for food safety, while pregnant.

I have it saved on my phone next time I’m in a pickle. Yum…pickle!


Written by our Founder, CEO, and soon to be mom, Lindsay Bell!