Your Pre-Labor Checklist

Greetings, all!

Getting close to labor and want to make sure you have everything complete? I was searching for a list that was simple, and I liked the recommendations from The Bump.

Here is a modified pre-baby check list:

1. Take a childbirth class
I found CPR, newborn/infant training, and practice breathing techniques the most helpful.

2. Know the breast feeding basics
Here are good 411 tips from CNN in this clip, or learn about nipple shields in this clip.

3. Get the crib and get the nursery in order
One word: Wayfair 

4. Pack your hospital bag – one for you and one for baby
I like this example provided by The Bump.

5. Select birth announcements
Mpix to the rescue!

6. Prep meals in advance or download delivery apps

7. Install car seat into car

8. Wash crib sheets and baby clothes
Get a good baby detergent.

9. Make a labor playlist
Pick music that soothes you.

10. Chose a pediatrician
Ask your OB, mom, friends, or research your own.

11. Spend QT with hubby
Schedule date nights and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Written by our Founder, CEO, and soon to be mom, Lindsay Bell!