10 Things You Don’t Know About Me – Taylor Bell

Greetings, all!

To continue our, “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me” blog week, I bring you me, Taylor Bell, BFC’s Marketing & Social Media Coordinator! Like Mama Bell, I have been apart of the BFC family from the beginning, starting as a design intern, and later returning to join the marketing team.

Here are 10 things you don’t know about Taylor Bell.

1. My name is Taylor, but no one in my family calls me that. I’m also known as Tay, Buddy, and T-bizz.
2. Pizza is my favorite food
3. My sister’s and I once put up a tent in our basement because my mom wouldn’t let me camp outside
4. I was a serious tomboy growing up – Lincoln Logs, Nike apparel, and playing football catch with my dad
5. Photography is one of my favorite hobbies
6. Black is my favorite color
7. I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 15
8. I’ve never broken a bone
9. My mom and four older sisters are the leading ladies in my life
10. I love traveling, but usually sweat every time I get on an airplane


Written by our Marketing & Social Media Coordinator, Taylor Bell!