Sleep Training: How To

Around the three month mark, babies begin to develop a regular sleeping pattern, and are weening off of night feedings.  Most experts recommend starting sleep training anywhere between the two month-six month range, with the best time being totally determined by each individual baby and family.

Like with most baby related “things” every baby is different and everybody you talk to who has a baby has an opinion – same goes for sleep training.  We recommend talking to your pediatrician, doing some research, and talking to your significant other to come up with a plan that that seems like it will work for your family.

You can start sleep training by establishing a regular bedtime routine (i.e. giving your child a warm bath, reading a book, or feeding before bed). This will be better enforced if you are also waking your baby up around the same time every morning, and taking naps at the same time every day.

Overall, consult with your pediatrician and develop a personalized plan that will work best for your family!