Top 10 Ways to Balance Summer with Kids

For working moms, we wanted to share  the top 10 ways to balance summer with the kids home courtesy of life coach, Lynn Berger.

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Everyone talks about balancing your work and personal lives but how do you do it considering all the roles and  responsibilities you have? The summer time can be especially tricky since children may be home more and need to stay busy and engaged.

1)For the parent, in order to attain harmony you need to think about the things that are most important to you during the summer months and pursue those activities. It is a short season and learning how to prioritize is key.

2)Enroll your child in enough activities.  Keeping them active will prevent boredom and they might have a lot of fun playing sports and making new friends.

3)Allocate at least one half hour per day to something that gives you pleasure.  This will give you an outside interest and you can gain some perspective on child rearing.

4)If old enough let your children take tasks on in the home.  They may enjoy the responsibility and you will enjoy the help as well

5)Get the family into shape physically. The summer is a great time of year to spend time doing outdoor activities with your child(ren). Try to find a family sport.

6)Plan vacations well in advance and involve your children in your vacation  plans, if possible.  For example show them a map of where you are visiting.  Find age appropriate activities.

7)Teach your child(ren) to play alone.  A child that knows how to play by himself will not feel lonely when other children are not around.

8)Assemble lists of resource people. In an emergency it is useful to have the phone numbers of neighbors, relatives, friends, classmates or medical experts.

9)Ask your child(ten) if there are any special projects and/or activities they would like to focus on in the summer.

10)Have fun and relax.  This is a great time of year to take vacations and spend time with your children.