WWW – Snow Days

Snow days are one of kids’ favorite things.  However, they can leave working adults in a panic.  We have a few tips to help your family weather the winter storms.


  • 1. Make a plan with your family:  If the weather forecast calls for snow or bad weather, make a plan on who will stay home with the lil’ ones, if that is an option.  It’s equally important for families who have divorced parents or have multiple homes to make an emergency plan about where kids will go on a snow day. This will ensure that your day goes smoothly.
  • 2. Network:  Kids love playdates, and whats better than a full-day playdate? Network with neighbors or friends who’s parents don’t work or who have a full-time nanny.
  • 3. Talk to HR:  Sometimes, HR departments can be surprisingly flexible if you tell them your situation.  Some companies will let employees telework or come in later to give them time to find a childcare option.
  • 4. Call BFC:  The best back-up plan is to not need one. BFC caregivers are flexible and more than willing to help you out in a pinch.  Most of our sitters are matched up with local families, so even in a snowstorm, they will be able to make it to your house. Plus, BFC sitters will do anything with your kids from sledding to hot cocoa making.