Training Thursday Vol. 5 – Soothing a Baby

Welcome to volume five of Bell Family’s video training series, where each Thursday we release a video to help coach sitters on an array of childcare topics.
This week we are featuring a training video on how to sooth a baby or calm a child tantrum. Always note, the first step is to follow the parent’s instruction on the method they prefer.
First, how to sooth a baby.
1. Rock the baby in a quiet space in your arms, or on a rocking chair.
2. Take the baby for a walk; give him or her a change of scenery and some fresh air.
3. Make a “shhhh” sound while rocking the baby; this creates a white noise sound.
 Second, help solve a child tantrum.
1. Redirect attention onto a new activity; get them excited about something else (game, picture, book, etc.).
2. Let them know it’s ok to be upset, but hitting is unacceptable.
3. Take the child out of the situation to give them space for a breather.
These videos are recommended to all BFC childcare providers to view for the latest techniques when caring for children. These videos were designed by our team comprised of long-time babysitters, full-time nannies, mothers, grandmothers, elementary educators, and social workers.
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Note: Always follow the family’s instruction and care methods, and keep the family informed of everything with their baby.  These videos are not required to view, but a simple recommendation. For more information or for questions, please contact our office or read our terms.