How to Be a Super Productive Mom

Are you looking to find ways to increase your productivity as a mom? Here are some words of wisdom from the most productive mom I know!

1. Wake up and get started right away.
Make your bed, put a load of laundry in, eat breakfast and watch the news (so you feel like you’re still part of society).

2. Entertain yourself during feedings.
Catch up on work e-mails, respond to texts, make calls that need to be done, or read any mommy books you’ve wanted to complete.

3. Exercise.
Walk around the apartment, take the stairs, do exercises holding your baby while you soothe him/her, or sign up for a mommy and me class.

4. Get outside.
Go for a walk outside by yourself towards the end of each day to run errands, call family/friends, etc.

5. If you are working from home…
Prioritize your to-do list, cross things off once complete.

6. Spend time with your hubby. 
It’ll make you feel better that your relationship stays strong too, especially with all your attention going to the baby. Schedule a date night, make your husband dinner, tell him you love him, and give him a kiss tonight.


Written by our Founder & CEO, Lindsay Bell!