Newborn and Infant Training with Bell Family

Greetings, all!

Bell Family Company’s Infant Expert Training course was held on January 26, 2016 for a select group of our most seasoned infant sitters. (app for on demand healthcare) teamed with Bell Family to provide pertussis and flu vaccines to any sitters in need of a boost. Bell Family had an array of teachers, coaches, moms, and experts in the field for the course, from an RN to a psychologist, Licensed Social Worker and a Doula.

The course covered many topics including newborn safety, sleep training, when to call the doctor, calming a fussy baby, and SIDS.

Tammy Gold (Licensed Therapist and Certified Parent Coach Author, Secrets Of The Nanny Whisperer, and mother of three) spoke on:

  • Presentation/boundaries, and
  • How to communicate with families, parents, and new moms.

Ali Shepard (Our in house Nanny Coordinator/LMSW) spoke on:

  • Newborn development and infant directed speech,
  • Ali educated participants on early childhood development stages such as, Cognitive, Communication, Social-Emotional, Adaptive and Physical Development, and
  • How to communicate with newborns and infants based on their age.

Inka Rudnyka (Postpartum Doula and mother) spoke on:

  • Latching, and troubleshooting if a mother is having trouble trying to latch,
  • How to prepare breast milk, and
  • Burping methods.

Amy Sulce (Pager RN) spoke on:

  • Umbilical cord care,
  • Bathing a baby,
  • Sleeping pattern and positioning,
  • Weight loss/gain for a newborn,
  • Sanitation,
  • Elimination patterns, and
  • Feeding patterns and techniques.

Lindsay Bell (Company President and new mom) spoke on:

  • The Happiest Baby on the Block: The 5 S’s – Swaddling, Side or Stomach positioning, Shushing, Swing and Suck, and
  • Understanding postpartum depression.


Written by Meredith Hamler, Coordinator, Sitter Services