Summer Pregnancy Tips

City summers can be rough on everyone when the heat really turns up, especially pregnant women. We’ve compiled some great tips to help you breeze through the summer.

  • -Try to avoid being outdoors on hot days; stay inside near an AC unit or fan.
  • -Stay hydrated! Sports drinks and juices can help keep your sugar levels and electrolytes up; of course, water is always a good option too!
  • -Always make sure to wear sunscreen when you are outside; a great compromise is buying foundation or lotion with SPF 15 or 20 in it.
  • -If you feel yourself overheating, take a cold shower if you can. If not, put ice packs or cold drinks underneath your knees, armpits, and behind your neck to cool down quick.
  • -Wear breathable, light colored fabrics to keep yourself cooler and prevent heat rash.
  • -Carry a spray-mister (the ones with the little fans are great) with you wherever you go so you can have a quick cool down anywhere.



  • -If you want to workout or do outdoor activities, wait until morning or evening so temperatures are cooler and the sun is not out. Consider swimming as your workout of the summer in order to stay fit while cooling down and keeping pressure off your spine and legs.
  • -Avoid too much salt, coffee, or other food and drink that can dehydrate you.
  • -Just ask! Ask family and friends for help running errands or cooking meals if you are too tired or uncomfortable.