How to: Praise Your Kids

As parents, it’s natural to want to praise your lil’ ones when they do something great. Praise is a natural human instinct, and we all love receiving genuine compliments. If you use praise the right way, it’s also a valuable tool for reinforcing good behavior, boosting your child’s self-esteem, and making them feel loved, appreciated, and inspired.

We’ve compiled some great research and articles on the best ways to praise your kids. 

Praise your children, but don’t overdo it: experts recommend praising children for milestone accomplishments or big things. However, don’t let this lead over into praise for everyday tasks such as finishing dinner or sitting down to study if this is a nightly routine.

Remember that old saying “A for effort?” The same goes for praising children. Even if the outcome isn’t what was expected, it’s always a good idea to praise your child’s efforts and hard work.

Focus on specifics. If your child drew a really great picture, point out what about it was great. If they were quiet in the car, tell them you really appreciated how calm and quiet they were on that ride to the store. This reinforces that you were paying attention to their good behavior.

Don’t brag. Every parent loves to brag a little about their children. Make sure to not overdo it in public though, cause on top of annoying other parents, it also puts unnecessary pressure on your child to perform now.

Tell the truth. Kids have an uncanny knack of being able to tell when you’re lying, so make sure your praise is truly genuine.

Overall, just focus on the quality of your praise, not the quantity! Your child will feel loved and appreciated if you give quality praise, just as much as if you were constantly praising them.