Bittersweet Farewell from Chicago

Caring. Trustworthy. Dependable. Creative. All things you want in someone who is going to watch your children. When I became a mother two and a half years ago, I didn’t know where to go to find that special person to watch my son. Well, someone must have been watching over me because they introduced me to Lindsay Bell and Lucky Lil’ Darlings. Grateful doesn’t even begin to express how I feel for being connected to such an amazing company that has provided me with the most wonderful babysitters. I never had to worry if Henry and his brother Bennett would be cared for in a loving way, that they would have fun, and that when I walked in the door, they’d have smiles on their faces. Henry always looked forward to his sitter’s arrival and would give me a gentle shove out the door by smiling and saying, “Bye, Mommy.” That is a mother’s dream come true! Bennett was happy, too, just too young to tell me!


Our time in Chicago is coming to an end as we relocate to Michigan for a job opportunity. I will miss Lucky Lil Darlings/Bell Family Company tremendously. I’m forever in their debt for all the times the found last minute sitters for us, helped our family while we traveled with the kids, and for all the wonderful sitters they provided for the boys. Those are pretty big shoes to fill!
It’s not always easy to find sitters who are energetic, dependable, trustworthy, and so connected with children, but with Bell Family Company you can’t go wrong!
Thanks, Lindsay (and family), for EVERYTHING. We will miss you.
The Kruse Family