Father’s Day – Part 1

With only one week left until Father’s Day, we wanted to feature a few of the special Dads in our office staff members’ lives. We love you, Dads!

“My dad is often called the strong silent type. Rightfully so with 6 girls in our house growing up. He taught me to work hard, to follow the rules & not to put up with bad behavior from others. My dad the high school football coach, teacher & farmer for 35 years, is not a business man, but he always gives me a simple answer to a work problem. Instead of analyzing it, my dad is always supportive & keeps me grounded.”

-Lindsay & her Dad (Aug 9, 2014)

“My fondest childhood memories of my dad were of us reading books together, specifically The Berenstain Bears (his favorite) and playing the tickle game with my little sister in his blue lazy-boy chair (when all three of us could fit). I believe I have acquired my laid-back personality and sense of humor from him, and often see in myself the silly side of my dad come out when I play and interact with children. I love how my relationship has grown with my dad over the years and can’t wait to see what type of Grandpa he will be to my own children in the future!”

Hannah and Dad (1)

-Hannah and her Dad