BFL – ELF Tennis

ElfTennis was founded by native New Yorker, Esther Forrester.  She has been teaching tennis for more than 15 years and holds PTR certifications.  All of ElfTennis’s instructors are former collegiate tennis players, who are also certified.  Check out our Q&A session with Esther and learn more about ElfTennis:

What made your decision to coach/teach children?

I’ve wanted to coach tennis since I first started playing. I would create imaginary teams when I was in high school and make up stories about them.  Tennis made a tremendous impact in my life, it gave me an outlet for using my energy and meeting others and I wanted to be able to provide that means to today’s youth. In addition, I knew I could do it well ( that never hurts).

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What are the positives and negatives about your business?

One positive is that  we are small and accessible, everyone feels like they matter, people are more than just a number and everyone’s concerns are attended to. In addition, we are in many locations and always looking to expand so chances are we are near most places in NYC. Furthermore, all of our instructors are certified and former collegiate players. We offer a junior team for intermediate players.
The negatives are that we don’t have  a permanent home that is our own ( we rent spaces) but we are working on that and looking for a space and an investor. Feel free to email if you are interested in such an endeavor.

What do you find most rewarding about your business?

I really enjoy the fact that I get to implement my own ideas about coaching and see the tangible effects.  I’m always interested in doing things right and take children and tennis seriously, I have some unique ways to teaching such as using songs to teach concepts and motivate and playing fantasy games.

Thanks so much, Esther, for the sneak peak into ElfTennis! For more information, visit the ElfTennis website.