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Father’s Day – Part 2

“My dad is the person I feel the closest to in the whole world, who gets me more than anyone else. He’s who I always turn to for advice, where I can count on him to be objective and honest. He encourages me to be adventurous, to be emotionally open, and to have faith. With his support, I feel strong and capable enough to take risks and succeed. Happy Father’s Day to the greatest dad ever, my mentor, my role model, my friend. I love you!”

me and pops

-Aubrie and her Dad (2014)


“My dad is my number one supporter and I feel so lucky to have him in my life! Whether it’s teaching me how to golf (or at least trying to), helping me with my wacky DIY projects, or pretending he doesn’t see me stealing chocolate cake off of his plate, I know he always has my back.”



Sitter & Kiddie Fun in Tribeca

Start the day at Kitchenette, a cute restaurant on Chambers Street. My recommendation is the Hole in Bread; it’s delicious! 

Make sure you have the stroller with you as the next item on the agenda is walking to the swim class (make sure the tummies are settled first, of course!). Swim class is located at Imagine Swimming. The pool is suited from ages 6 months to five years.

Head home for lunch, maybe a treat & nap time if needed.


Next up, head to the local park. Pier 25 is a fun area in Tribeca! Make sure to pack some snacks & games for a picnic in the park!

Last head home with a worn out and sleepy kid!!

BFF – How we Keep the Family

Company culture is something that’s important everywhere, and we agree! The BFC culture and amazing staff are what keeps our member families and sitters coming back year after year. Ever wonder what the special sauce is?

We recently came across this great article on former start-up Airbnb and how they handle bureaucracy and maintaining the close-knit feel.  CEO Mike Curtis noted: “the antidote to unproductive bureaucracy is good old-fashioned judgment — having it, hiring for it, and creating conditions that allow people to exercise it.” He also noted that one of the most crucial elements of this is building a trustworthy team filled with trustworthy people.

As many of you know, our hiring process is intensive and thorough. We make sure that our people are coming in with the right attitude and “special stuff” to fit in with the company goals. We support and trust all of our sitters and staff, and as a result, so do our member families!

Check out the rest of the Airbnb article here for some more interesting tidbits!

Meet Our New NJ Nanny Coordinator, Paige!

Paige has been working with kids for as long as she can remember. She got her start in childcare working as a summer camp counselor in her hometown of Rockland County, New York, but has been a resident of Hoboken for the past 4 years where she continues to babysit.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.33.00 AM

She is a graduate of the University of Connecticut with degrees in English and Human Development/Family Sciences. During her time in college she mentored middle school students as well as incoming freshman.  She also had numerous leadership roles within the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, which is an exciting connection, that Paige and BFC President, Lindsay, discovered when Paige began sitting for Bell Family in 2012.

After college, Paige continued her education earning a Masters Degree in Secondary English Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. This launched her career in education, as she is currently a 7th grade Language Arts Teacher in Cranford, NJ. She is so excited to become a member of the Bell Family as the Nanny Placement Coordinator in New Jersey!


BFL – Sleep Training

Did anyone read the NY Times article on March 26th about Sleep Training at 8 weeks: Do you have the Guts? Tribeca Pediatrics, one of the largest pediatric practices in NYC, swears by it. They started the sleep training concept at 4 months, then 3, then again at 2 months to prove the theory. Obviously just because one way works for one family, doesn’t mean it works as well for the next. Do keep that in mind!

I’m not sure if I think I will take the plunge at 8 weeks. From my experience as a childcare provider & running a sitter and nanny placement service for nearly 10 years, I believe there is a fourth trimester for both the mother & baby. I’ve interviewed countless mothers during that period, which if you’re lucky is 3 months after the baby’s birth. From the mothers that I have spoke to, they are not ready to let go & it doesn’t seem like the babies are either. I do think the babies sense their mother’s anxiety, so if the mother is upset or nervous or simply not ready, the baby will sense that & react in the same manner.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.39.48 AM

However, there is this thing called sleep that we all need. So I completely understand wanting to start at 8 weeks if the parents need sleep as they may have to get back to work and cannot function without it. Talk with your partner on what you are ready for, and then try it out. Just be ready when its go time!

-Lindsay Bell

Happy Holiday Weekend

Happy Easter/Passover weekend! We hope everyone is ready to enjoy some quality family time. Whether you’re hosting lil’ ones or just bringing yours to a friend or family member’s house, we’ve come up with some festive ideas to keep them entertained:


  • -Every kid loves an Easter egg hunt. Don’t be dissuaded by city living; Easter egg hunts can easily be set up indoors with eggs in plants, pots and pans, and centerpieces.
  • -Dye eggs. Make sure to buy a few extra as some might crack while hard boiling them.
  • -Jelly bean counters. Fill a jar with jelly beans, and have kids guess how many are in there. This is a great exercise that will get kids doing some math without even realizing it.
  • -Bring along a craft for the kids table. Some crafts are messier than others, so make sure to carefully choose your craft depending on the age of your children and where they will be. This page is a great resource for ideas.



  • Decorate an Elijah’s cup; you can find a plastic chalice at Michael’s or any craft store.
  • Get kids helping in the kitchen with this simple recipe for matzo haystacks.
  • Check out some great ideas to make your Seder kid-friendly.

BFF- Welcome to the Family!

We’d like to welcome two members to the Bell family: Aubrie and Holly!

Aubrie is our resident free spirit! Originally from the Adirondacks, she graduated with a BA in French, and is BFC’s Operations Manager! She has worked with children of all ages, teaching English to French high schoolers abroad, assisting special needs elementary children in Austin, TX, working with preschoolers in college, and nannying with an UES family. Prior to her big move to NYC last year, she also completed two years of AmeriCorps, as volunteering and community service are big passions of hers. She also enjoys traveling, the outdoors, movies, dogs, and of course, children!

Aubrie (Right) hanging out with Lindsey G. (left)

Aubrie (Right) hanging out with Hannah (left)

Holly is originally from Kansas City, KS; she moved to Upper Manhattan this January (2015) looking for a full time nanny position. She attended undergrad at University of Kansas BSBA – Accounting and later received her MBA at the University of Central Missouri with a concentration in Information Systems . Holly is as sweet as they come! She is also smart, kind, happy and enjoys nothing more than caring for children. During her 18 years as an accountant, Holly spent most of her free time providing childcare for primarily newborn through preschool children. Her role as an on-demand sitter and weekend nanny included the following: soothing & calming fussy babies, meal prep, helping toddlers potty train & changing diapers, serving as an excellent role model for young children, arranging playdates, teaching & coaching games, activities & helping with school work, leading children through bedtime routines and helping as a parent’s helper at events, parties, etc.

Holly is also a former team leader at her church in KS. There she worked every Sunday for 15 years in a classroom with 6-8 children at a time caring for children 6 weeks to toddler aged. There she attended to the emotional and physical needs of the children, helped entertain the children, give them snacks/bottles per the family’s request, etc.

Over the years, she realized that her fulfillment from childcare surpassed the achievement she felt as an accountant, thus she is now fully dedicated to her passion for childcare. She speaks basic Spanish and Sign Language, is CPR certified, has a valid driver’s license (and clear record) and a red belt in tae kwon do! Holly loves scrapbooking, baking, and going to the theater in her spare time. She is naturally nurturing and very positive, and would love to find a great family to work with in NY.

Holly Rogers photo

Welcome Holly!  And welcome back, Aubrie! We’re so happy to have you both on the team.



New Kids on the Block: CityTot

CityTot is a new resource on early childhood classes and learning for NYC parents of young children. It was started by two local moms who know how difficult it can be to navigate the who, what, when, where and why of kids’ classes in the city. CityTot launched in December 2014 to significant interest from both parents and class providers alike. They are focusing on providing research, supporting class reviews, and fostering relationships among parents with children between the ages of 0-5. The site’s target audience is prenatal through preschool, and they are developing to be a one-stop shop for all things early childhood education.


One of their coolest features is a search engine for age appropriate classes for your kids under 5 – only they have an in depth filter system that makes it super user friendly.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 7.57.13 AM

CityTot just hosted their official launch party last night, where guests mixed & mingled with parents and providers. We’re so excited to see this new company grow! Check them out!